7 Things you can do with avocados

So many people nowadays ignore the uber food the ‘Avocado’ for certain opinions such as; being to bland, the texture isn’t quite right, smells a bit funny. Let me tell you now they have got the avocado so wrong. It is one of the most nutritionally packed food with almost 20 vitamins, phyto vitamins and minerals but they are also a rich source in monosaturated fats which is great for the heart. This makes them one of the most unique fruits. Not only does the avocado have an exceptional nutritional value but it can also be used to improve hair texture and exfoliate skin.

I am going to show you hear 6 things that an avocado can do;

#1 Creamy Salad Dressing

The dietary fat in an avocado maximises absorption of fat soluble nutrients such as; vitamin E, alpha-carotene and beta-carotene which enables the of further nutrients in your salad of choice. Using simple additional ingredients soy sauce, honey, lemon or lime. Whizz the ingredients up and voila! Guaranteed this will be your ne salad dressing of choice for its gorgeous flavour but all is nutritional benefits.

# 2 Making Avocado your new Mayonnaise

Store bought mayonnaise is full of commercial vegetable oils and many eggs so it is high in fat and very calorific. If you make this DIY mayonnaise with the avocado using olive oil, cayenne pepper, lemon juice and salt. Mix all the ingredients together and spread it on. It increases the flavour of your sandwich but is very healthy.

#3 Using the Avocado in a Daiquiri or a Smoothie

Who would have thought you could mix avocado with alcohol, my thoughts at first was ‘REALLY!’. Well let me tell you it can be done and tastes good. The daiquiri uses rum, sugar syrup, lemon, lime, pureed avocado and topped up with coconut milk, blast it in the blender with some ice and ‘The Avocado Daiquiri’ is born. It tastes delicious and is high in fat soluble antioxidants, magnesium and B vitamins. It also reduces inflammation. If you want it as a smoothie then just drop the rum and it makes a delicious kick start to the day. In Brazil the avocado is used in sweets rather than savoury so this sweet drinks seems to be quite fitting.

#4 Exfoliate Dead Skin

The pit stone and the outside skin can both be used to exfoliate your skin. Use the skin of the avocado to rub the rough skin on the feet, knees and elbows. For the softer skin of the face, neck and chest dry the pit out over a 3 day period and then grind it into a fine powder. Add it to a facial cleanser and rub it into the pours and soft skin, rinse off and pat dry and you are left with a very healthy glow.

#5 Moisturise your face with a face mask

Avocado is a very rich source of Vitamin E so it is great to use on your skin. Open the avocado and crush it up, add honey for its natural anti-bacterial agents and many antioxidants, mix in an egg white which contains collagen to make the skin look younger, stir in olive oil which removes old makeup and intensely moisturise the skin. And its as simple as that. Slap it all over you face and neck and leave it until it is fully dry. Once washed off your face will look fresh and radiant.

#6 Condition your Hair.

As well as Vitamin E, avocado is high in fat and vitamin B which is great for damaged and dry hair. Blend the avocado with the olive oil and lemon juice (to the consistency a bit thicker than normal conditioner). Massage into the cuticles and pull it through the rest of the dry hair. Leave on for 15 minutes then wash out with a light shampoo and conditioner. This will leave your hair with a shiny and soft finish like after a professional treatment.

Hopefully from all the different ways to utilise the avocado that has been outlined here in this blog that is you are a hater then you might try the other ways to use this remarkable fruit!

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